25th Sunday of Year A

QPosted on: Tue Dec 11, 2012

6Duration: 9:08 mins

"Why then in today's parable of the vineyard did those who had laboured all day, presumably doing more good work than the others, receive the same reward as those who arrive right at the end of the day. I suggest that the key to understanding this problem lies in what is really meant by the 'Lord's work'. What, after all, is the real work of God to which we are called? A moment's thought shows that the value of our work for God cannot be measured by productive output for as long a period as possible. Although our society is accustomed to measusre the worth of persons by their production, God, who created a universe with at least one hundred billion galaxies, scarcely needs us to produce things. So what does God want from us? In John's Gospel, Jesus says that eternal life, the eternal life God wishes us to have, is to know the true God. Now to know someone with the knowledge of friendship requires some sort of harmony between the friends, between the person who knows and the one who is known. Following this line of thought, our work in life is therefore to become like God in one important sense: to learn to love with God the things that God loves. It is not therefore the amount of work that we do but the extent to which our hearts are surrendered to God which matters in His sight."

Readings: Gospel - St Matthew (20:1-16): The kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out at dawn to hire laborers for his vineyard.

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